Get stung by the Hallett Stinger

This all-round 20’ family ski boat will impress you with its spacious interior, superb wake characteristics for slalom skiing and larger peaky wake at slower speeds for the wakeboard enthusiast.

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The Stinger will blow your mind with its neck-snapping turns and sure-footed handling, while still providing Hallett’s signature smooth ride in rough conditions. The Stinger is the best handling ski boat ever produced by Hallett. Dual centre fins provide better grip on the water as well as enhanced straight-line tracking and phenomenal turning ability. Other features include a larger and more userfriendly
split rear swim deck for easy access over the transom. The transom itself is specially shaped to prevent other boat wakes from swamping your boat when pulled up on shore. The Stinger comes standard with choice of exterior and interior colours, adjustable drivers seat, carpeted ski locker and swim deck.

Length: 6m (20’)
Beam: 2.2m (7’2”)
Power: As chosen
Fuel Capacity: 90ltrs
Seating Capacity: 7